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business people on a ferry, Jiangsu Province
Business people on a ferry, Jiangsu Province

Eric Francis Tinsay Valles Online

A non-Confucian view on Far Eastern matters - A Filipino at heart looks at China, Taiwan, the Philippines, and beyond. The Millenium Journal is updated about once or twice a year.

Chen Ying

Cina – Europa – Mondo (but mostly about China). Most of the content of Chen Ying is written in Italian.

我愛我的國家 – Ethnic Chinese minority

"Don´t blame the (Malaysian) government only taking care of the Bumiputras"a hip hop video leads to police investigation against "Namewee" (黃明志). Democratic Action Party leader Lim Kit Siang (林吉祥) suggests that the Malaysian government should listen to unpleasant truths.

This blog was invented in Xi´an 5,000 years ago...

... and if you are easily offended, never, ever follow this  link !

" 举头望明月 低头思故乡" (Family as far away as the moon)

A Chinese public servant thinks of his home town on Mid-Autumn Festival, 2007 (中秋节). (This takes quite a while to load.) Poetic beginning, political ending.

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